Safety Safety Assessment Course

11-15 May 2020 Melbourne, VIC

This course is from the University of York and counts towards an MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering; the MSc is recognised by the British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute of IT and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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This course aims to cover the analysis and assessment phase of the system safety engineering life-cycle for a proposed product or service. It does so by considering the inputs to this phase, the qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques that can be employed within this phase and the outputs from this phase in terms of evidence into the safety case regime. It also considers the changing assessment requirements as more integrated and complex systems are developed.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Who is the course for?


Dr Mark Nicholson is a Senior Lecturer in the High Integrity Systems Engineering research group at the University of York, UK. Dr Nicholson was programme director for the MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering at York from 2004 to 2018. He has provided many CPD courses to industry throughout Europe. He has provided CPD course in Australia to a variety of sectors for over 20 years. His industrial work includes being the European editor of the ARP 4754a civil aerospace standard and developing a proportionality of safety management scheme for the U.K MoD. His research interests include assurance of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (he is a member of the Assuring Autonomy International programme at York), and the contribution of data to hazards and safety assurance, He is currently involved in 2 Marie-Curie European Training Networks and the European RIMA project.