aSCSa Research Award


The purpose of this award is to encourage research in the science of software/system engineering or the application of that science for safety and/or mission critical software-intensive systems.

The Award

The award is an annual individual award consisting of up to $5000 (Australian), a certificate, and up to $1000 for travel expenses to the conference at which the award will be presented.

The Rules

  1. The award is open to all Australian citizens undertaking research at recognised university as a student (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  2. Only one application may be submitted in any given year.
  3. The term “research” means discovery of new knowledge in the context of software/system engineering related to safety and/or mission critical software-intensive systems (this term includes programmable devices, firmware etc). Work that demonstrates the pioneering practical application of the science of software/system engineering shall also be deemed to be research for this award.
  4. Nominations may be submitted any time and must refer to research work conducted or published.
  5. Only the documents supplied as part of the nomination will be considered for selecting the recipient of the award. Submitted materials will not be returned.
  6. Applications will be assessed by the aSCSa Awards Committee (a committee established by the aSCSa Committee), All applicants and their research supervisors shall agree to accept as final the decision of the aSCSa Awards Committee as to whether or not the cited research is deemed relevant, whether or not an award is made, and that no correspondence shall be entered into. Applicants also shall agree that the aSCSa may make inquiries of their University regarding the research project.
  7. The aSCSa Awards Committee reserves the right not to make an award, or to award joint prizes if the standard of nominations makes it appropriate to do so.
  8. Members of the aSCSa Awards Committee are not eligible for this award. Where a member of the aSCSa Awards Committee has some association with an applicant for the award, that member shall stand down from the aSCSa Awards Committee and play no part in the selection process for that year.
  9. Posthumous awards will be made only when the knowledge of the nominee's death after the recipient has been announced. Nominations of individuals known to be deceased will not be accepted.
  10. The award winner is expected to attend an aSCSa convened conference or seminar to receive the prize and to present a paper. The winner shall also agree that the aSCSa may publish an abstract of the research for which the prize is awarded.
  11. The application must include the following:
    • The completed application form.
    • A summary (in 1000 words or less) of the nominee's accomplishments and the specific identification of the work to be recognised. Should the nominee not be the sole author of the research cited, then the nominee's contribution must be specified.
    • A biography of the applicant and student status.
    • A list of publications by the applicant.